EP.18 VSRF Live College Edition: Discrimination, Exclusion, & Inequity

April 10, 2023

Phoebe and Tyce speak with Hannah, a molecular biology major and physics minor on a full academic scholarship at Towson University. Hannah will speak about her experience as a student facing the discriminatory, exclusionary, and inequitable practices that were mandated on unvaccinated students. For the past two years, she has been fighting college mandates by engaging on campus, helping other students get religious exemptions, and through speaking engagements with Coalition for Future Maryland and Health Choice Maryland.⁣⁣

College Edition

January 30, 2023
Co-Host Phoebe Liou was a homeschooled early highschool graduate at 16, a Babbidge Scholar, Mortensen Scholar, and Honors Student; but when she challenged Covid-19 vaccine and test mandates, the University
September 2, 2022
VSRF Host, Tyce Patt, is joined by special guest Jackson Hinkle to discuss the absurd Covid policies on college campuses as students return for the Fall semester.