EP.9 VSRF Live College Edition: Tyce Patt is joined by Mila Radetich

October 28, 2022

Tyce Patt is joined by Vaccine Injured Mila Radetich who is fighting to prevent other students from being forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine by their school or employer.

College Edition

September 2, 2022
VSRF Host, Tyce Patt, is joined by special guest Jackson Hinkle to discuss the absurd Covid policies on college campuses as students return for the Fall semester.
January 16, 2023
Co-Host Phoebe Liou was a Babbidge Scholar, Mortensen Scholar, and Honors Student; but when she challenged Covid-19 vaccine and test mandates, the University of Connecticut canceled her from the university,
October 7, 2022
VSRF’s Tyce Patt is joined by Brad from Five Times August.