“The amount of times I have to hear ‘safe & effective’ is disgusting” -Dr. Pierre Kory

March 7, 2023

Dr. Kory testified before Wisconsin’s Legislature on March 7 regarding the immunization of students. This testimony was used to consider the possible suspension of portions of DHS Chapter 144, regarding vaccine requirements for students in schools. Following the hearing… A big win! Wisconsin’s state legislature voted to suspend DHS Chapter 144—giving the choice to vaccinate children back to their parents!

Dr. Pierre Kory spoke at the Covid Litigation Conference 2023 (CLC 2023)
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CLC 2023 was a unique gathering of trial lawyers advancing Covid-19-related litigation. Over the next 10 years, Covid lawsuits are projected to experience tremendous growth. The conference featured 10 panel discussions over two days, led by attorneys engaged in a broad range of Covid-19 lawsuits.

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Other In Focus

December 22, 2022

Former Australian Medical Association leader & Australian broadcast journalist come out as Covid-19 vaccine injured.

This week a top Australian doctor and politician Kerryn Phelps, MD, spoke out on mainstream media about her and her partner’s serious vaccine injuries after their Covid shots. And just
March 16, 2023
“Today we are witnessing the burning of billions of doses of covid vaccines around the world 🌍 because no one wants them. It would have been better if we had
March 15, 2023
“JAPAN – The Government is urged to tell the truth about the huge number of vaccine injuries and excess deaths. Stating deaths in the vaccinated are 38 times higher than