Steve speaks at Protocol 7 Movie Premiere in Palo Alto, CA

Steve speaks at the Palo Alto, California, premiere of Protocol 7 Wednesday evening June 26, 2024.  Tickets are sold out.

Protocol 7 is Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s latest film – a medico-legal thriller based on the true story of two Merck lab scientists who, in 2010, blew the whistle on the company’s fraudulent manipulation of lab data to support the company’s efficacy claim about the mumps component of its MMR vaccine. The case has been tied up in courts ever since.

Rachel Whittle plays a small-town attorney and mother of an autistic child. British star Matthew Marsden plays a doctor with a history of being a lone voice in the wilderness about MMR vaccines and autism. Another British actor, Harrison Tipping, delivers what struck me as the film’s best performance —that of a Merck lab scientist who is a willing participant in the fraud, but also one who is tormented by his recognition that he is debasing his work and talent in the service of an ugly lie. Eric Roberts elegantly plays Dr. Errani, the head of Merck’s MMR division, who demands that the lab team figure out a way support the company’s efficacy claim by whatever means necessary.