“Mystery” Pneumonia Outbreak in China

Here we go again!

November 22, 2023

Amidst a pneumonia outbreak in China, children’s hospitals in Beijing, Liaoning, and beyond faced an influx of sick children, prompting imminent class suspensions. Concerned parents questioned potential cover-ups by authorities. At Beijing Children’s Hospital, throngs of parents sought treatment for their kids exhibiting pneumonia symptoms—high fever and lung complications sans typical coughing. Similar scenes unfolded in Liaoning, where Dalian Children’s Hospital overflowed, traditional Chinese medicine centers and central hospitals faced patient queues, and schools grappled with cancellations due to widespread illness among students and teachers. The situation raises alarms given the suddenness and scale of the outbreak, impacting mainly children without reported adult cases. The ongoing outbreak, marked by various respiratory illnesses, urges for prompt identification and control measures, with uncertainties persisting about its origin and potential pandemic implications.

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Anti-vaccination discrimination cements Florida’s status as the Freedom State

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