Moderna’s Deep State

Exclusive reporting by Lee Fang and Jack Paulson

November 28, 2023

Faced with plummeting demand for its Covid-19 vaccines, Moderna resorted to a drastic monitoring campaign targeting dissenters, collaborating with former Twitter management and the Biden administration. As the company grappled with financial turmoil due to reduced vaccine uptake, it launched an aggressive marketing blitz and initiated an extensive monitoring operation. This maneuver, undertaken in collaboration with law enforcement and public health experts, appeared designed to suppress discussions questioning Covid-19 policies. This deliberate strategy blurred the lines between manipulating public opinion and lobbying, revealing Moderna’s intent to control narratives and potentially sway policy decisions.

Moderna’s alliance with the NGO Public Good Projects (PGP), funded by industry donations and closely intertwined with government and media, amplified the company’s influence on social media platforms. PGP’s role in shaping pandemic-related speech policies, in tandem with Moderna’s disinformation department, highlighted a concerted effort to stifle public discourse. This maneuvering raises grave concerns about corporate interference in shaping public opinion and ethical questions about controlling narratives and policy-making

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