MedPage Today Acknowledges Success of Covid Litigation Conference

July 17, 2023

The Corporate Media has ever right to be terrified of VSRF and our Covid Litigation Conferences- we are going to put the Covid Establishment out of business & prevent their anti-Science policies from ever being enacted again.

Even as COVID-19 wanes, lawyers representing the healthcare sector predict that their days in court aren’t about to end soon. A group of litigators and media companies, among others, are eyeing policy changes and even some profits from yet more lawsuits…

The conference was sponsored in part by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation which was established on vaccine-skeptical views. The gathering promised to share legal strategies for suing federal and state public health agencies over COVID policies, as well as hospitals and pharmaceutical firms for alleged malfeasance.

It’s the sort of thing that has people like Gostin paying attention. “It’s very worrisome,” he said. Even if lawsuits don’t succeed, it could make hospitals and public health officials gun-shy, he said. At the height of the pandemic, lawyers were successfully forcing hospitals to administer ivermectin to treat COVID — despite many gold-standard, randomized, controlled trials demonstrating that it wasn’t particularly useful.

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