Keen’s Admissions Contradict Fauci’s Narrative

November 30, 2023

Shocking disclosures have emerged revealing a US health official’s concerns about the Wuhan Institute six years ago, before the COVID-19 outbreak. During a 2017 lab visit, the official was alarmed by attempts to reverse engineer Ebola, but orders to omit this crucial detail from her report surfaced later. Former acting secretary of state, Thomas DiNanno, accused Adrienne Keen of discrediting crucial information and favoring the animal-origin theory for COVID-19, despite no conclusive evidence. Keen’s affiliations with the World Health Organization and multiple US government agencies have sparked controversy, especially after a 2021 meeting where she echoed a scientist’s perspective supporting a lab origin, triggering further scrutiny as requests for comment from Keen and the scientist remain unanswered.

Amidst ongoing debates within the intelligence community, conflicting assessments persist regarding COVID-19’s origins. While the US State Department acknowledged circumstantial evidence pointing to a Wuhan lab leak, divisions continue between theories of an animal origin and a lab leak. Former community head John Ratcliffe emphasized circumstantial evidence favoring a lab origin, echoing a Senate investigation’s conclusion. Additionally, revelations surfaced of efforts by Robert Kadlec and Dr. Fauci to downplay the leak theory initially, attributing this move to encourage Chinese cooperation during the pandemic’s early stages. Notably, Dr. Fauci declined to comment on these revelations

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Exclusive reporting by Lee Fang and Jack Paulson

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