Episode 41: Forced Out of Medicine by Vaccine Injury

August 4, 2022

Steve speaks with medical professionals who worked tirelessly during the pandemic but then became victims themselves of the dangerous Covid-19 "vaccines".

Guest Erica Rhee is a registered nurse going on 12 years, suffering from debilitating, life-altering adverse effects after her 3rd mRNA injection. Even as an RN she has been met with a healthcare system that denies her progressive condition and offers no help or treatment.

Guest Maddy Johnson is a bioscience major at Chapman University who will not graduate with her class in 2022. Her childhood dream of being a doctor will no longer be possible because of her Pfizer Covid vaccine injury. She suffered from serious neurological injury and a year later still suffers from cognitive issues. Her mother Marah has become a fierce and fearless advocate for the vaccine injured and is determined to give a voice to the silenced, censored, and abandoned by writing a book about these injuries. Her book is called, “Why me? The true story of Covid 19 vaccine injured and their never ending fight to be heard."

Guest Dr. Jan Maisel initially pursued a career as a virologist, receiving a Ph.D in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley. After postdoctoral work in Clinical Genetics, she changed course, attended medical school, and then became a board-certified pediatrician. She spent 36 rewarding years as a Partner in a wonderful Bay Area primary care pediatric practice; but her Covid vaccine injury has forced her into retirement. Fully believing the vaccine orthbodoxy of "safe and effective," Dr. Maisel has learned through her personal experience that vaccines are capable of great harm.

Weekly Update

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