Florida Passes Strictest Anti-Mandate Law in the Nation

Anti-vaccination discrimination cements Florida’s status as the Freedom State

April 23, 2023

The Florida Legislature is about to pass a bill that will provide the strongest protections of any State against encroachment on medical freedom.  Governor Ron DeSantis’s “Prescribe Freedom” plan which he laid on on January 17 is what he promises will “permanently protect Floridians from the ‘Biomedical Security State’.  “We look forward to making the protections we have enacted for Floridians against the biomedical security state permanent and want to ensure that no Floridians face discrimination based on vax status.” – The Floridian Press

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The big question is, how much of this is due to the vaccines?

“SV40 is a known cancer-promoting segment of DNA. And yes, they’re in the shots, what I’m telling you is the shots promote cancer through SV40, and they inhibit our ability