MIT Speech by Steve Kirsch: Special Time 6pm ET | 3pm PT

Data bombshell from Steve Kirsch in speech at Kirsch Auditorium at MIT

November 30, 2023

Watch an exclusive special episode of VSRF LIVE as we come LIVE from Kirsch Auditorium at MIT for a speech by VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch where he will deliver a data drop that according to Dr. Pierre Kory has the potential to change the entire narrative on the Covid-19 vaccines.  The record level data will be revealed for three countries.

Weekly Update

January 25, 2024
This Thursday on VSRF LIVE, Steve speaks with Defeat the Mandates co-founders Matt Tune and Louisa Clary, along with Progressive Action’s Tramell Thompson, Independent journalist Lara Logan, and DTM’s emcee,
August 3, 2023
Steve is joined by Cellular & Molecular Biologist Christina Parks, PhD, to discuss the rising number of young athletes who are falling victim to the physical harms of the Covid-19
May 23, 2024
On this week’s VSRF Live, we will be having a very fun (but seriously necessary) fundraiser to raise funds to continue our operations into 2024. We at VSRF have given