Episode 90: Academic Dissent Under Siege

With Pediatrician Renata Moon, MD and Dr. Hadar from the Wellness Company

August 17, 2023

Join us Thursday, August 17 as Pediatrician Renata Moon, MD discusses the dangers of the Covid-19 mRNA experimental jab and the blowback from her University after testifying at Senator Ron Johnson's forum.

"A medical expert was terminated by one of her employers after raising concerns about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines during an event held by a U.S. senator, according to newly disclosed documents.

After Dr. Renata Moon (who will appear on “American Thought Leaders” premiering Mon. Aug. 30, 7:30 p.m. ET) testified during the December 2022 event on Capitol Hill, Washington State University officials told her that they were alerting a state medical commission because she allegedly promoted misinformation, one of the documents shows."

Also joining the show will be Dr. Hadar Sophia Elbaz.the Director of Functional Medicine for the Wellness Company.

Dr. Hadar is originally from Israel where she served in the military. She eventually attended Hunter College in New York to study nursing, and from there, realized her calling in holistic healing. She went on to complete her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She then took her education further, graduating as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in April 2017. She is an Ironman triathlete and a double bronze Olympian in the Jewish Olympics.


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