Episode 88: “Young Athletes Are Falling” with Christina Parks, PhD & Dr. Robert Seik, PharmD, FMNM

August 3, 2023

Steve is joined by Cellular & Molecular Biologist Christina Parks, PhD, to discuss the rising number of young athletes who are falling victim to the physical harms of the Covid-19 injections. Dr. Parks will also discuss her recent talk at the 3rd annual White Coat Summit in Washington, DC, including the mechanisms for how the Covid shots are causing injury, as well as the CDC's childhood vaccine schedule.

Also joining is Dr. Robert Seik, PharmD, FMNM, Co-Founder of the Integrative Therapeutics Board for the Wellness Company, and owner of an independent pharmacy in Las Vegas, Partell Pharmacy. Dr. Seik explains why he is proud to be an affiliate of TWC: "Our philosophies are the same - patient care is always first. Our approach is also identical, integrating the best choices for patients using the right medications, important nutritional supplements, and healthy lifestyle choices." Join us on Thursday and bring your questions for Dr. Parks and Dr. Seik.

Weekly Update

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Sneak Preview of Steve Kirsch’s Appearance on Russell Brand’s “Stay Free”

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