Episode 87: Rob Schneider & James Thorp, MD

July 27, 2023

This Thursday on VSRF LIVE, Superstar comedian and film actor, Rob Schneider joins Steve Kirsch to discuss Covid-19 vaccines, how he worked in Hollywood throughout the mandates system, and how best to redpill people in the Entertainment Industry.  Steve will also be joined by James Thorp, MD, Chief of Maternal and Prenatal Health at The Wellness Company. Dr. Thorp is an expert in the treatment of high risk pregnant patients with over 42 years of experience in his field. During the Covid years, Dr. Thorp attended to thousands of high-risk pregnant patients annually, and became deeply concerned about the increase in fetal deaths and miscarriages following the Covid-19 "vaccine" rollout. Join us and ask Dr. Thorp your questions about vaccines and maternal & fetal health!



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