Episode 86: Liberty v. the Biomedical Security State

With Aaron Kheriaty, MD and Heather Gessling, MD

July 20, 2023

Join us this Thursday on VSRF Live for a crucial episode as bioethics expert, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, and Steve Kirsch examine the intricate dynamics of the Deep State's weaponization of biosecurity against our personal autonomy, families, communities, and traditions. In addition, we will be joined by Dr. Heather Gessling of The Wellness Company -- here to answer your questions about achieving and maintaining good health, and to address your concerns about the adverse effects of the Covid-19 injections.

Weekly Update

October 5, 2023
Our friend and phenomenal physician, Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby MD joins us on VSRF Live to discuss the latest research on healing from chronics illnesses such as Lyme disease, vaccine
February 8, 2024
On this Thursday’s VSRF Live, Steve meets with Retired U.S. Air Force Major Thomas Haviland to discuss Maj. Haviland’s groundbreaking new study of novel, fibrous clots observed by embalmers across
September 21, 2023

The forgotten injured of the Covid-19 vaccines

This week on VSRF Live we learn about Covid-19 vaccine injuries we were never told about.  VSRF Vaccine Injured Director, NICU Nurse Angela Wulbrecht, RN speaks with American Thought Leaders