Episode 54: Beating Covid in the Courts!

November 3, 2022

Guest Bobbie Anne Cox, a NYC attorney fighting Covid mandates, joins us. In April 2022, Ms. Cox filed a lawsuit against NY Governor Kathy Hochul's executive regulation setting up infection quarantine camps in New York, and in July 2022 Cox won the case striking down the regulation. The NY Attorney General immediately appealed the decision, and no one is talking about it!  Our guest, former U.S. Marine Captain and military attorney Dale Saran, is fighting to end the Pentagon's Covid-19 vaccine mandate. He is representing over a thousand service members in two separate lawsuits. Guest Tracy Henderson is challenging school mandates in the California courts and is the founder of the California Parents' Union.

Weekly Update

June 15, 2023
Next week, we are thrilled to welcome Mikki Willis, a renowned author and filmmaker, as our guest on SRF LIVE. Mikki Willis is widely recognized for his groundbreaking documentary series,
December 7, 2023

Sneak Preview of Steve Kirsch’s Appearance on Russell Brand’s “Stay Free”

Steve Kirsch will give us a sneak peek of his upcoming appearance on the Russell Brand show “Stay Free”. Also joining the show is author John Beaudoin, Sr., who will
May 5, 2022
VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch is joined by special guests Alec Zeck of Health Freedom for Humanity, ntegrative medicine doctor Dr. Stanton Hom of Future Generations, and Dr. Bradley Campbell of