Episode 51: Viral Lies of Transmission

October 13, 2022

Guest Dr. Richard Urso, MD., Molecular Biologist and Founder of Global Covid Summit, joins Guest Christina Parks, PhD, VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch, and VSRF Director of Research, attorney Lisa Laehy, to answer the question -- "What now?" -- after Pfizer admits to the European Parliament that the the vaccine manufacturer never tested whether its mRNA Covid-19 shots prevented transmission of the virus from one person to the next.  The bold claim was made by governments around the world that the experimental injections should be taken by everyone to "stop the spread" and create "herd immunity," and on those grounds mandated the Covid shots. As soon became evident, however, the "vaccines" did not prevent the spread of Covid, or even prevent severe disease or death from Covid. Now, Pfizer admits in a public hearing that its clinical trial "endpoints" (the end goal being tested) never included a measure of whether the product could prevent a person from contracting and/or spreading Covid.

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