Episode 50: Military in Crisis – Vaccines Mandates, Fraud, and Injuries

October 6, 2022

VSRF is joined by Dr. Lt. Col. Pete Chambers, Mathew Crawford and Zachary Loesch. Dr. Lt. Col. Pete Chambers, a retired US army green beret, medical doctor and whistleblower, will be providing updates on mandates and the growing crisis in the United States Armed Forces as a result of the Covid "vaccine" program. Guest Mathew Crawford is a statistician, quantitative analyst and author of the popular Rounding the Earth Substack. Mathew will be sharing his extensive research into the Department of Defense medical database, D-MED, showing significant increases in health issues in the military since the start of the vaccine roll out. Guest Zachary Loesch is an active duty second class aviation survival technician aka a rescue swimmer in the United States Coast Guard.

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