Episode 33: Fathers Dan Hartman & Ernest Ramirez, and Dr. Colleen Huber

June 9, 2022

Dan Hartman is a loving father to a "perfect" and healthy 17 year old son who died unexpectedly at home 30 days after taking the Covid vaccine. Ravaged by grief, Mr. Hartman is now looking for answers. Joining Dan is our friend and ally, Ernest Ramirez, whose healthy and happy 15 year old son Ernesto (Junior) died suddenly and unexpectedly 5 days after his first Pfizer shot. He was diagnosed with myocarditis. This was a powerful and difficult episode, but important that we don't forget there are real victims of our vaccine policies.

Also joining is Naturopathic Medical Doctor Colleen Huber, author of the book "Defeat of Covid"which has been described as "the book that Dr. Fauci should have written.” Dr. Huber has testified in court cases and submitted testimony to courts and local governments on behalf of children and their parents’ rights to refuse interventions such as vaccines and masks on medical grounds. Her most recent book is "Neither Safe Nor Effective: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines."

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