Episode 31: Investigative Journalism

May 26, 2022

GrayZone Journalist Max Blumenthal -- and an inspirational speaker at Defeat the Mandates/Los Angeles -- talks to VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch.  As a leader in the progressive wing of our Movement, Max demonstrates that our fight against mandates crosses party and ideological lines.  Also joining the discussion were independent filmmakers, Andrew Peloso & Jeremy Regoto, Directors of the Docu-series 'Trucking For Freedom'.

Weekly Update

February 24, 2022
VSRF talks with University of Chicago student Eden Negussie, the chief editor of student journal “The Chicago Thinker,” Dr. Peter Ireland, professor of economics at Boston College, and Aaron Kheriaty,
June 23, 2022
As college students throughout the country enjoy the beginning of their summer break, universities are gearing up to mandate another round of ineffective and dangerous COVID vaccine boosters when they
November 9, 2023

With European Member of Parliament from Germany, Christine Anderson, Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, and Women’s Rights Leader Reggie Littlejohn.

We are honored to host three exceptional leaders in the Health Freedom Movement, each making significant strides against the Globalist Health Cabal that led us into the Covid crisis. Christine