Episode 31: Investigative Journalism

May 26, 2022

GrayZone Journalist Max Blumenthal -- and an inspirational speaker at Defeat the Mandates/Los Angeles -- talks to VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch.  As a leader in the progressive wing of our Movement, Max demonstrates that our fight against mandates crosses party and ideological lines.  Also joining the discussion were independent filmmakers, Andrew Peloso & Jeremy Regoto, Directors of the Docu-series 'Trucking For Freedom'.

Weekly Update

December 22, 2022
From Wall Street to Washington, these leaders are revealing the alarming data behind the biggest public health coverup in history. Guest Ed Dowd, a highly successful Wall Street analyst and
February 24, 2022
VSRF talks with University of Chicago student Eden Negussie, the chief editor of student journal “The Chicago Thinker,” Dr. Peter Ireland, professor of economics at Boston College, and Aaron Kheriaty,
March 21, 2024
On this Thursday’s VSRF LIVE, Steve will be speaking with Dr. Phillip Triantos, M.D., a board certified radiologist based in Birmingham, Alabama and Ms. Jamie Blattmann, the bereaved mother of