Episode 134: Pandemic in Paradise! An Insider’s View on the Pandemic

July 11, 2024

This week on VSRF LIVE Steve sits down with virologist and immunologist Dr. Jennifer Smith, a former public health official in the Hawaii Department of Health and co-author of the new book, Pandemic in Paradise: An Insider's View of COVID Corruption in Hawai'i. In her unique position during the pandemic as an epidemiological specialist in the Hawai'i Disease Outbreak Control Division, she played a key role in conducting disease investigations and overseeing other COVID-19 pandemic response efforts by identifying and investigating cases and contact tracing. In addition to her unique insights into how public health agencies handled (or mishandled) the pandemic response, she is also an expert in another emerging area of concern: Avian Influenza. During her tenure at Hawaii Department of Health she also held the role of surveillance coordinator, analyzing data and preparing the weekly influenza surveillance report.

There is no better guest to help us understand not only what happened in the botched pandemic response but also what we might expect from these same bad actors should "Bird Flu" become the next major public health emergency.

Join us for this fascinating discussion and as always, share and bring some friends!



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