Episode 134: A Week in the Life of Steve!

July 4, 2024

This week on VSRF LIVE we pay tribute to Independence Day, by celebrating a week in the life of a true patriot, our founder and host, Steve Kirsch!

On this special Independence Day pre-recorded episode, we will take our viewers through the typical week of a freedom fighter like Steve; starting with his speech at the Fauci Protest Rally in San Rafeal, CA, where disillusioned and confused narrative followers gathered to hear Fauci speak live at Dominican University on the launch of his new memoir. What they were not expecting was to hear from Steve through a bull horn as he set the record straight about Fauci's actual list of "accomplishments".

Next Steve traveled to the premier of the new, groundbreaking movie, Protocol 7, where Steve again made a moving speech to the crowd gathered before the screening and then attended the screening itself alongside Nurse Angela.

All of this occurs in between crunching and publishing endless studies and data, posting important finding and news to his Substack, and tirelessly pursing the truth in an upside-down world where few can see the difference between fantasy and reality.

Join us for this fascinating biopic into the life of a modern era freedom fighter!



Weekly Update

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With European Member of Parliament from Germany, Christine Anderson, Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, and Women’s Rights Leader Reggie Littlejohn.

We are honored to host three exceptional leaders in the Health Freedom Movement, each making significant strides against the Globalist Health Cabal that led us into the Covid crisis. Christine