Episode 133: AI and the Future of Healthcare

June 27, 2024

On this week's VSRF Live, Steve speaks with Zach Vorhies, famed Google whistle-blower who walked out 950 pages of Google internal documents to the Department of Justice anti trust division detailing Google's extensive censorship project. He also disclosed these documents to the public via Project Veritas in August of 2019.

We will be discussing his views on the role AI will play in future pandemics and how it will likely be used to promote misinformation and ensure censorship in support of big pharma and the medical industrial complex, in general. If we thought the environment of censorship and misinformation during Covid19 was bad, it will be nothing compared to the potential destruction that ever present and all pervasive AI systems will create.

Join us for this fascinating discussion as we peer into the future of our "healthcare" environment.



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