Episode 132: Turbo Cancers Rage On! An Interview with Dr. William Makis

June 20, 2024

On this week's VSRF Live, Steve speaks with Dr. William Makis, famed Canadian physician with expertise in Radiology, Oncology and Immunology, on the growing and undeniable body of evidence that "turbo" cancers are real and affecting vast numbers of people around the world, most of whom have been Covid-19 vaccinated.

Dr. Makis will present his hypotheses on the mechanisms of action between the experimental vaccines and these novel, out of control cancers, as well as his work with various drugs including Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and other homeopathic treatments which have shown promise in combating this frightening new spin on an old and much feared disease.

Dr. Makis has been an outspoken dissident of the experimental C19 injections, mandates and other dangerous and ineffective Covid-19 policies and thinking over the last 4 years. He holds a Governor General's Medal, is a University of Toronto Scholar, is the author of 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications and publishes a highly successful Substack titled "Covid Intel" where he posts about all things COVID-19; including sudden deaths, mRNA vaccines, vaccine injuries, new pandemics and more.


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