Episode 131: The Great Virus Debate! An Interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

June 13, 2024

On this week's VSRF Live, Steve sits down with psychiatrist and molecular biologist Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D. who has risen to fame during the pandemic for his unorthodox views on germ theory and that viruses and germs, including the COVID 19 virus, do not actually cause illness.

Kaufman, an MIT trained scientist and Duke University trained psychiatrist, has deep expertise in analyzing scientific papers, data and general published studies and as such has come to believe that the traditional acceptance of germ theory since the late 1800s is not scientifically based but is rather fraught with contradictions, various conflicts of interest and even fraudulent claims. Conversely, Kaufman supports the more broadly defined "terrain theory" which promotes the belief that lifestyle choices alone force otherwise benevolent microbes to transform into pathogens; i.e. the body’s “terrain,” not germs, creates disease. These beliefs made Dr. Kaufman an early rejector of masks and COVID 19 vaccines and the subsequent attacks on our civil liberties, which the widespread societal acceptance of germ theory allowed.

Regardless of your personal position on germ vs. terrain theory, Dr. Kaufman presents a very interesting and compelling case which deserves greater consideration. Join us for this enthralling conversation and come to your own conclusions!


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