Episode 130: VSRF LIVE from ReAwaken Detroit!

June 6, 2024

On this week's VSRF Live, Livio and Angela will be hosting live from Clay Clark's ReAwaken Tour in Detroit, MI., as they bring VSRF's critical and lifesaving message to a gathering of thousands rallying to save America from the many destructive forces preying upon it today.

While there they will be interviewing Dr. Simone Gold, and other notable speakers and guests, about the current state of affairs in the medical freedom and greater civil liberty revival movement. From a suspicious H5N1 outbreak which has infected several humans in the USA, to the W.H.O.'s late night, back alley attempts to close the Pandemic Accords without proper form, support or transparency, to new mRNA vaccines for RSV being pushed onto the public with absolutely ZERO human trials, it would feel as if the walls are truly closing in on us and that defeat were at hand. BUT THIS COULDN'T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Millions are rallying not only in Detroit but around the world to ensure that no matter what "emergency" is declared or what sleight of hand is introduced, that we will NEVER AGAIN be subject to the humanitarian crises that were perpetrated during Covid.

Join us for this fascinating look into a broader movement that is determined to take back our power and run off these tyrants...FOR GOOD!

Weekly Update

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