Episode 127: Special W.H.O. Pandemic “Agreement” Update

May 16, 2024

On this week's VSRF Live, we welcome special guest host, Texas physician and expert on the proposed W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty, Dr. Kat Lindley. Dr. Kat will be interviewing several experts about the frightening reality behind the proposed "agreement" and the risks it poses to national sovereignty and healthcare independence.

Among several guests Dr. Lindley will sit down with Patrice Pederson, head of the First Freedom Foundation, as well as Dr. Andrea Nazarenko of the Geneva Project.

The world is just days away from the W.H.O.'s seventy-seventh World Health Assembly, starting 27 May 2024, at which time Member States will decide the fate of the world's first pandemic agreement for adoption. Join us Thursday and do you part to #StopTheWho!

Weekly Update

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