Episode 124: Save Our Pets

April 25, 2024

On this Thursday's VSRF LIVE, Steve will sit down with panel of experienced veterinarians including Dr. Jody Bearman, Dr. Iris Ramirez and Dr. Jennifer Ramelmeier, all of whom are familiar with the questionable if not downright cruel treatment of pets and other animals in the name of  "health". From unnecessary vaccines to big pharma drug trials, our pets are many times used in various unethical and inhumane ways in order to further the greater goals of the medical industrial complex. Animals truly are the silent victims of big medicine's insatiable greed for ever greater profits.

This is a discussion you won't want to miss. Please join us and bring an animal loving friend.

Weekly Update

January 4, 2024
Welcome to 2024! This Thursday on VSRF LIVE Steve Kirsch will address the concerning correlation between Covid-19 vaccinations and the surge in cancer cases.  Join us for an in-depth discussion
November 9, 2023

With European Member of Parliament from Germany, Christine Anderson, Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, and Women’s Rights Leader Reggie Littlejohn.

We are honored to host three exceptional leaders in the Health Freedom Movement, each making significant strides against the Globalist Health Cabal that led us into the Covid crisis. Christine
December 7, 2023

Sneak Preview of Steve Kirsch’s Appearance on Russell Brand’s “Stay Free”

Fresh from his MIT speech where he disclosed record-level data on Covid-19 vaccine deaths in three countries, Steve Kirsch will provide updates from his London trip, including discussions with British