Episode 122: Our Food Under Attack

April 11, 2024

On this Thursday's  VSRF LIVE, we speak again with legendary whistleblower and pharma industry insider Sasha Latypova, now with even more shocking evidence around the next major effort to get synthetic MRNA into the public's bodies; via the food supply! Where the vaccine campaign failed, tainted food will win...unless we fight back and demand accountability with these genetic products NOW!

Latypova will share her recent research on the prevalence of MRNA based vaccines in our meat supply and the associated risks of these genetic and recombinant products now in wide use, including:

  • Risks of integration into host genome and/or microbiome with subsequent long-term expression of aberrant proteins
  • Risks of shedding to humans and off-target animal species
  • Microbiome degradation (dysbiosis) highly likely – drives cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative, gastrointestinal and many other debilitating conditions
  • Risk of genome integration
  • Transfer into soils and plant bacteria via animal waste and water
  • Massive antibiotic resistance – ALL genetic vaccines are made from DNA plasmids with antibiotic resistant genes


Join us for this fascinating and, frankly, frightening discussion!

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