Episode 121: Epidemic of Fraud

April 4, 2024

On this Thursday's  VSRF LIVE, Steve meets with John Davidson, director of the new and highly acclaimed film, Epidemic of Fraud. The film delves deeply into the history of the coordinated suppression of a class of medications, most notably Quinine and its derivatives such as HCQ. He artfully documents the orchestrated media, medical, and political collusion which have occurred against these ancient medications which has certainly damaged world health for millions of people over the centuries and continues to deprive people today.

Davidson, a former CNN Editor and 20 Year Hollywood Writer, Producer, Director and Visual Effects Supervisor, was an unlikely candidate to dive so deeply down this rabbit hole, but has come out the other side a true believer in the dark forces at work to deprive humanity of its right to good health and quality medical treatment.

Join us for this fascinating discussion about the conversion of one man now committed to bring truth and awareness to this critical topic.


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