Episode 120: Victory for Ivermectin!

March 28, 2024

On this Thursday's  SPECIAL VSRF Live, Drs. Paul Marik, M.D., and Mary Talley Bowden, M.D., join us to discuss the landmark Supreme Court victory late Thursday night in favor of the brave docs and healthcare workers who have fought tirelessly to end state sponsored misinformation by way of the FDA.

The FDA must pull down all social media and website posts that relate to using ivermectin for COVID-19, as it has never been allowable for them to discuss or give medical advice. It is now clearly legal precedent that the FDA is not a physician and cannot interfere in the practice of medicine. Dr. Marik reflects, “This vindicates our position that the FDA overstepped its regulatory authority by trying to dictate appropriate medical care.” With this settlement, the FDA finally lost its unjust war on Ivermectin and we can only hope that it is the first of many landmark cases around preserving health freedom and free speech currently in the courts in the wake of the disastrous COVID-19 government overreach.

Given the significance and timeliness of this event, VSRF will postpone our regularly scheduled program on "The War on Natural Health" with Canadian attorney Shawn Buckley until early April. Please join us for this truly epic show and celebrate this critical victory with us in our fight to maintain our precious medical freedoms!


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