Episode 12: Grieving father Ernest Ramirez shares the story of his beloved son Jr. — killed by the Pfizer Covid shot

January 13, 2022

Jay Sanchez speaks about Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid and naturally acquired immunity to Covid after a resolved infection. He shares how to file court papers in protest of Covid mandates. The website is www.FormerFedsGroup.org

Father Ernest Ramirez shares memories of his beloved son, Ernesto (Jr.), a happy and healthy 16 year-old at the time of his sudden death from heart failure while playing basketball with his best friend.  Jr. was diagnosed post-mortem with myocarditis, his death occurring just five days after receiving one Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine.

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Before Dr. DeMello joins us we talk with Attorney Ryan Heath of The Gavel Project, fighting for civil liberties during Covid. Dr. DeMello is a General Physician with 30+ years