Episode 119: Tragic Deaths in Young Adults

March 21, 2024

On this Thursday's VSRF LIVE, Steve will be speaking with Dr. Phillip Triantos, M.D., a board certified radiologist based in Birmingham, Alabama and Ms. Jamie Blattmann, the bereaved mother of deceased 25 year old Hunter Blattmann.

A successful radiologist by trade for nearly 30 years, Dr. Triantos studied and monitored the C-19 catastrophe from day 1 through the lens of his general medical training. In 2021 Dr. Triantos went beyond his traditional practice in radiology and bravely began also treating patients for Covid illness using the well known FLCCC protocol; motivated by the loss of his mother to Covid (due to lack of treatment by the hospital system) as well as his own close call with C19. In his own battle with Covid, Dr. Triantos deteriorated for weeks under traditional protocols until he finally received inexpensive, repurposed drugs (including Ivermectin) from a caring colleague, turning his illness around immediately. Since then, Dr. Triantos has dedicated himself to supporting Covid patients with early treatment which he believed saved his own life.

However, despite saving countless lives with early treatment and effective FLCCC protocols over the last 3 years, Dr. Triantos is now witnessing significant increases in cases of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, cancers, and women’s OB/GYN pathologies among young adults. He, like countless other brave medical professionals, questions the role of novel "injectables" in the emergence of these shocking new maladies among otherwise healthy young people.

Ms. Blattmann is the grieving mother of Hunter Blattmann, a 25 year old professional fishing guide who tragically lost his life in May of 2023. Hunter, a previously otherwise healthy and avid outdoorsman, died from massive clotting which included a large white fibrous clot that the surgeons could not clear nor dissolve. These clots have never before been seen among the medical community until the last few years and whose emergence correspond with the rise in the new genetic "therapeutics".

This will surely be an informative and also heartbreaking show, but one that needs to be heard and shared widely. Please join us and share this video widely among your networks.

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