Episode 118: W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty Looms

March 14, 2024

On this Thursday's VSRF LIVE, Steve will be speaking with renowned W.H.O. subject matter experts Dr. Kat Lindley and James Roguski on the looming May 24th pandemic preparedness agreement.

The proposed "treaty" has been described as the largest, most comprehensive global power grab ever attempted consisting of a sophisticated global, binding, medical "treaty" orchestrated by the W.H.O. which will leave any participating member states essentially POWERLESS in the event of a self-proclaimed "pandemic". 

May 24, 2024 will go down in history as a terrible day for freedom loving people across the world if this treaty is not stopped. However, international politicians continue to sleepwalk into these treaties believing them to be similar to previous health related treaties in days past, where the W.H.O. is given some limited, non-binding power to make recommendations, etc. but does not interfere with a sovereign nation's ability to manage public health crises on as they deem fit. This could not be further from the truth.

These treaties violate nearly all western constitutions by allowing a foreign power the ability to nullify and void - for indefinite amounts of time - the existing constitutional laws and civil rights protections of these nation states upon proclamation of a public health crisis. These representatives are either too incompetent to understand this or are captured and supportive of the power grab. The citizenry, as usual, has no say in these discussions.

Join us for this critical conversation and please SHARE THE LINK WIDELY ACROSS YOUR NETWORKS!

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