Ep. 83 – Prescription for Freedom: Battling Medical Totalitarianism

With Heather Gossling, MD, Kat Lindley, MD and Angela Wulbrecht, RN

June 29, 2023

Don't miss Dr. Heather Gessling, MD, Dr. Kat Lindley, MD, and Angela Wulbrecht, RN, VSRF Vaccine Injured Director as they discuss the challenges faced by medical practitioners in providing sustainable, transparent, and patient-centered care amidst the burdensome mandates of the Medical Establishment. They'll have a free-wheeling conversation that will also include the implications of the revealed harms of the Covid-19 vaccines on other vaccines on the CDC childhood schedule.  Tune in on Thursday, June 29, for an enlightening and thought-provoking episode.



Weekly Update

September 7, 2023

With Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD

Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD joins VSRF Live with NICU Nurse & Vaccine Injured Advocate Angela Wulbrecht, RN and VSRF Director of Research, Lisa Laehy, JD to discuss
November 4, 2021
VSRF founder Steve Kirsch talks with Dr. Ryan Cole. Dr. Cole is a board-certified dermatopathologist (AP & CP) and CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics. He has worked as an independent
February 23, 2023
For some hopeful news, VSRF friend and Special Guest, Dr. Ryan Cole, MD discussed the growing breakthroughs in treatments for the Covid-19 vaccine injured. Dr. Cole spent decades as the