Ep 81 – The Great Awakening, Q&A with Filmmaker Mikki Willis

June 15, 2023

Next week, we are thrilled to welcome Mikki Willis, a renowned author and filmmaker, as our guest on SRF LIVE. Mikki Willis is widely recognized for his groundbreaking documentary series, Plandemic. His most recent installment, titled "The Great Awakening," delves into thought-provoking and illuminating insights. Join us as we engage in a captivating conversation with Mikki Willis, exploring the profound themes and revelations presented in his latest documentary.

Weekly Update

March 23, 2023
Live from Atlanta, the entire VSRF Team speaks with Covid Litigation Conference speakers & attorneys Robert Barnes, Tricia Lindsay, and Warner Mendenhall.
August 17, 2023

With Pediatrician Renata Moon, MD and Dr. Hadar from the Wellness Company

Join us Thursday, August 17 as Pediatrician Renata Moon, MD discusses the dangers of the Covid-19 mRNA experimental jab and the blowback from her University after testifying at Senator Ron
June 2, 2023
‘We need to knock down the doors of every court that we can, and if the courts say, ‘We’re closed,’ we need meaningful legislative reform,” – Civil Rights Attorney &