EP.16 VSRF Live College Edition: Banned Healthcare Workers

March 13, 2023

Guest Chloe Knopf was banned from the Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) graduate clinical program due to her vaccination status. She’ll be talking with students Phoebe, Tyce, and Mila about banned healthcare workers, the impact for students pursuing a healthcare career, and the future of the healthcare industry.⁣

VSRF Live College Edition⁣
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College Edition

October 17, 2022
VSRF’s Tyce Patt interviews several students, both anonymous and publicly named, who have been fighting back against the unjust, illegal, unconstitutional, and dangerous Covid-19 vaccine mandates in their schools.
January 23, 2023
VSRF’s Co-Hosts Tyce Patt, Phoebe Liou, and Mila Radetich talk about the unprecedented surge in young athletes collapsing and dying suddenly from cardiac arrest.  
April 24, 2023
We’re thrilled to have a very special guest joining us – the anonymous founder of Teens Against Mandates, a trailblazing medical freedom advocacy organization. She’s a true hero who’s been