Episode 9: Stephanie DeGaray Tells the Story of Her Covid Vaccine Injured Daughter, Maddie

December 23, 2021

Stephanie DeGaray allowed her daughter, Maddie, to participate in the Pfizer COVID vaccine trials for 12-15 year old believing that she was aiding "the science" and most of all that her daughter would be safe. Maddie had begged to participate, as she wanted to be in the medical field when she grew up. Within 24 hours after her second injection, Maddie began to suffer a constellation of severe reactions that led to 10 emergency room visits over the next few months. Now Maddie is in a wheelchair and has to eat through a feeding tube. Maddie and her family have been ignored by the FDA and the CDC, and gaslit by Pfizer who denies its mRNA injection caused the injured that Maddie experienced during the experiment with its novel product.

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