The Covid Litigation Conference was a great success!

“I had lawyers coming up to me and say ‘this is the best, most exciting, and most joyful legal conference’ they’ve ever been to and you don’t often hear ‘joyful’ when talking about legal conferences” – Warner Mendenhall, Mendenhall Law Group

March 25, 2023

Atlanta – The Covid Litigation Conference 2023 (CLC 2023) was an exceptional event that brought together trial lawyers who are advancing Covid-19-related lawsuits. The conference provided attendees with opportunities to network and participate in panel discussions, led by attorneys who are actively involved in Covid-19 litigation.

As part of the conference, all speakers and ticketholders received access to video presentations, panelist slides, and a comprehensive digital legal library. Now, this digital package is available for purchase to attorneys and the general public for $195.

Additionally, the conference organizers have requested 11 hours of CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credit in 20 different states, including CA, TX, FL, GA, NY, PA, LA, NC, NJ, AL, TN, MD, WA, SC, AZ, DC, IL, MO, OH, and VA. Self-submission materials for CLE credit are also available below.

As Robert Barnes said in the Politico article “Covid Battle Lines Moving from Emergency Room to Courtroom,” “We need to knock down the doors of every court that we can, and if the courts say, ‘We’re closed,’ we need meaningful legislative reform.”

According to John Pfleiderer, a lawyer at Mendenhall’s firm, during the hospital negligence panel at CLC 2023, “We believe there’s a villa in France for the person who can figure out how to sue on remdesivir.”

As Wendy Parmet, the faculty co-director at the Center for Health Policy and Law at Northeastern University, said, “They [Covid-related lawsuits] may succeed in some situations…And they are more likely to attract lawyers, because there’s money to be had.” Parmet also noted that Covid lawsuits could have an impact on health officials’ decision-making  saying, “It creates some second thoughts among those getting sued…the fear is that health officials will be wary of doing things that may be necessary to protect the public health.”

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