BOMBSHELL: Censored mRNA Vaccine Injury Study Re-Published

Autopsies confirm Covid-10 mRNA injections linked to cause of death in 74% of sudden death cases reviewed

June 24, 2024

A critical study published a year ago in the journal The Lancet suggested that a high percentage of sudden deaths are causally linked to the COVID-19 genetic injections (“vaccines”). Less than 24 hours after the study was published, The Lancet inexplicably took down the paper.

A year later the study has now been peer-reviewed and republished, in the journal Forensic Science International.  The study findings are stunning. A systematic review of autopsy findings in deaths after COVID-19 vaccination finds that in 325 autopsy cases, 73.9% of deaths were directly due to, or significantly contributed to, by COVID-19 vaccination. The data thus suggest a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccination and death. Systematic reviews are the highest level of evidence followed by randomized controlled trials.

Since the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines only encode for the spike protein, but not the nucleocapsid protein found in natural COVID-19 infection, autopsies utilizing special immune staining method can conclusively determine if inflammatory changes were caused by COVID-19 mRNA genetic injections (“vaccines”) or naturally occurring COVID-19 infection.


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