Awake Not Woke

May 18, 2023

In the upcoming episode of the VSRF Update, we will have a conversation with Clay Clark, the founder of ReAwaken America, delving into the connection between woke ideology and oppressive Covid policies. We will explore how these seemingly separate issues are intertwined and whether the rise of Wokeness paved the way for public health authoritarianism. Additionally, we will examine how liberals and Democrats can push back against Wokeness while upholding their progressive values. We will also explore potential solutions, including the ReAwaken tour's efforts to build a network and parallel institutions for navigating the prevailing tyranny enforced by the Establishment. Join us as we unravel the complex dynamics between Wokeness, Covid policies, and the path to reclaiming individual freedoms.

Weekly Update

February 16, 2023
For almost two hours, Steve took your questions from Substack, Twitter, Gettr, Gab, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Truth Social, Rumble, and Zoom. Our viewers asked about Covid-19 vaccine injuries, media censorship,
April 13, 2023
Civil Rights Attorney Tricia Lindsay and Leading Covid Litigator Warner Mendenhall join the VSRF Weekly Update to recap the Covid Litigation Conference and discuss the surprisingly positive “Politico Weekend Magazine”
March 3, 2022
VSRF Executive Director Louisa Clary talks with several guests about Covid mandates in schools.  Guest Jayla Porter is a New York City nine-year-old who protested mask mandates; guest Tiffany Kraft,